This is an experiment in seeing what “AskIt”, one of 87 WordPress themes developed by Elegant Themes (affiliate link), looks like in real world use. I do not trust the “Lorem Ipsum” technique of filling a theme with content as a way to demonstrate its character. I think it creates a false sense of possibility, as well as a limited understanding of the theme’s potential. Design elements which subtly (and not-so-subtly) dictate content are not encountered or given proper consideration. Thus, in the interest of demonstrating what certain themes are capable of in real world scenarios I will attempt to fill all 87 of the Elegant Themes with real content. I may not reach the finish line but it should be fun trying.

If you would like me to build a web site for you that looks like this one please feel free to contact me. My rates are reasonable, and you pay nothing extra for the theme.

The “AskIt”  theme in use here is intended to be filled with Question & Answer content. In that spirit I will douse this theme with as many joyfully obtuse questions and answers as I can muster in a given stretch of time. That “given stretch” basically means until I get tired of doing it. I don’t see any reason to tinker much with the format of this theme.

This site essentially functions as a user review of the AskIt theme for anyone interested in seeing how it works in the hands of a reasonably capable WordPress flunky, and who might be interested in hiring me to build a site for them that looks like this one. I have found that it is not always easy to find live examples of specific Elegant Themes in action, so this site serves to fill that gap.

All photos are by me unless otherwise indicated, or otherwise obvious.